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Moon Rise City reveal their DEBUT EP ~ "Relics of a Bygone". Introspective Indie Pop

Relics of a Bygone ~ is a collection of existential stories written by South-African Singer-Songwriter Lauren Tracy. Resurrected through music with French/Vietnamese Musician Indy. The songs were written during the trials of adolescence and recorded from a perspective of hindsight. Reminiscent of this famous quote "Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards." (Soren Kierkegaard)


Behind the lyrics with Lauren:

These songs have been mulling in my mind for almost a century. A bitter-sweet nostalgia of the struggles of growing up, discovering your truth, and finding freedom. I wrote songs and poetry since as early as I remember. But it took me so long to overcome the fear of being vulnerable enough to sing and record them. To me, songwriting is a stream of consciousness. It’s a way to turn even the darkest encounter into something beautiful. Because there is beauty in truth, knowing yourself, and connecting with the revelations of others. Relics of a Bygone follows eye-opening stories of my own life and the tales that others have shared with me along my journey. This EP is about being conscious of your innermost fears and desires. So you can choose how to lead your lives and interact with others. Instead of living and reacting on autopilot.

My thoughts & experience on doing what you love:

So many of us grow up trying to fill societal expectations: a real degree, a good job, lots of money, and the perfect partner. We spend so much time trying to fill these ideals instead of following that little voice inside. I was reluctant to sing & produce my songwriting for years. But finally I'm doing what I've always loved. I moved to Vietnam because I imagined freedom in the unknown. I immediately dove into the music scene and met Indy at an open mic in Saigon. Collaborating with Indy, we have finally brought Relics of a Bygone to life.


Moon Rise City implements an eclectic range of influences from classic artists like Cat Stevens, to current bands like Khruangbin in their EP. Music with a message wrapped in richly layered instrumentals, with vintage warmth and a modern hint of electronica.


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