Chelsea Ness,

Meet the Band

"The duo create a variety of different genres within their music including jazz, swing, pop and psychedelic rock when blended creates the unique sound that is Moon Rise City"

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Snazzy, soft and swaying percussion, a deep-felt bass heartbeat, sparkling guitar riffs, gritty vocals, and ghostly harmonies, mesmerizes listeners from beginning to end.


Moon Rise City Battles Head Over Heart With Dynamic New Single “Crawling Slowly”

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Ft on Women of Substance Radio

New Music Friday SA

Debut Single 'Shadows of the Trees' ft on Spotify Editorial Playlist in January 2020


Bandrec ft 'Suspicious Creature' on Spotify Playlist.

Thomas Gray 'Alex 2' Playlist

ft 'Suspicious Creature' on Spotify Playlist.

Spotify Singer Songwriter playlist

ft 'Shadows of the Trees' on Spotify Playlist.

WNIR Radio

Suspicious Creature ft on WNIR Radio - Refugees of Rock Show.