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Texx and the City

MOON RISE CITY’S LATEST EP, RELICS OF A BYGONE, IS DRENCHED IN NOSTALGIA AND INTROSPECTIVE NUANCE. Take a gander through the eerie, ethereal and complex collection of Lauren Tracey’s past selves in Moon Rise City’s fresh new EP, Relics of a Bygone. It’s quite a trip. - Written by Skye Ayla Mallac


Moon Rise City releases new single Crawling Slowly. Their style is influenced by Alternative Pop, Contemporary Soul, and Indie Rock. It results in something unique. Versatile & creative.

WPGM Conversations About Her

"When two strangers succeed to make good music together, that is what we call a success story. Indeed, South African singer and songwriter Lauren Tracey met the French guitarist Indy Laville in Vietnam, and they’ve instantly made sparks. They combined their different cultures and ways of living to create the most perfect duo and make Moon Rise City exists."

Head Above Music

“Crawling Slowly” is an overall smooth, alt-pop groove with stunning production and intricate lyric choices.

Sofar Sounds

Moon Rise City performed at Sofar Saigon.

Indie Spoonful (BWH Music Group)

Suspicious Creature Riview. "Snazzy, soft and swaying percussion, a deep-felt bass heartbeat, sparkling guitar riffs, gritty vocals, and ghostly harmonies, mesmerizes listeners from beginning to end."

The Music Files Blog

Meet the Band. "The duo create a variety of different genres within their music including jazz, swing, pop and psychedelic rock when blended creates the unique sound that is Moon Rise City"

Phonograph Me


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