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Moon Rise City ~ born by the Saigon night. South African Singer-Songwriter Lauren Tracy, and French Guitarist Indy Laville, met from opposite sides of the world in Vietnam. A collaboration project across countries and cultures. 


They produce Indie Pop with an eclectic range of influences. From Folk, Jazz, Soul, and Rock. With a touch of electronic elements & psychedelia. Poetic introspective lyrics inspiring deep thought & inner growth. A universal theme in Laurens songwriting. Music with a message, wrapped in Indys richly layered instrumentals and minted guitars. Moon Rise City is fiercely independent - writing, performing & producing their songs.


Lauren grew up revering Golden Oldies. The Beatles, Cat Stevens, and Queen are among her most treasured. To her, music is a way of understanding and communicating life on a deeper level. On the other hand, we have Indy, recovering Rock Junkie. Influenced heavily by his love for guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante. The duo blends their wildly different backgrounds, creating the unique sound that is Moon Rise City. A true example of Yin and Yang.


Moon Rise City's debut single, Shadows of the Trees, featured on Spotify New Music Friday SA. The duo has also gained support from the likes of Sofar Sounds, Lefuturewave, and Women of Substance Podcast, among others in the Indie Music Scene. On September 3rd, 2021, Moon Rise City finally unleash their debut EP Album "Relics of a Bygone" with the world.


A collection of existential stories, written and recorded from a perspective of hindsight. Through the collaboration of two very different humans who found a connection through music. Explore the inner depths of yourself, and have a good-old groove along the way.

Moon Rise City DUO
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