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Moon Rise City's debut single "Shadows of the Trees" as ft on New Music Friday SA.

A poetic psychedelic Folk story guided by Downtempo/Trip-hop Electronic beats & a haunting nostalgia of the dream world. 'Shadows of the Trees' featured on New Music Friday SA in January 2020. It will also be a part of their first EP album in 2021.

Take a deep dive behind the lyrics & Official Music Video.

During an awakening time of her life, Lauren Tracy recounts a poetic song that came to her in the middle of the night after experiencing sleep paralysis. She explores her fascination with the dream world & the dark depths of her unconscious mind. If you've ever experienced anything like it, this song is guaranteed to strike a chord for you too. Lauren explains that hearing this song come to life is like "a beautifully haunting nostalgia of my dream world, from a difficult and eye-opening time of my life."

'Shadows of the Trees' Official Music Video was shot in Vietnam at very interesting historical locations. Historical war site at Bo-Bo Pine Forrest, Unesco World Heritage area at Hoi An Ancient Town - in the same location as a scene from The Quiet American (2002) film & in the misty mountain tops of Ba Na Hills. As a Carl Jung fan, Lauren explains that these historical sites are like the archetypes of a collective unconscious. She writes cryptic & soul provoking, poetic songs, which come to life through music collaboration with the talented - Indy Laville.


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