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Suspicious Creature

Have you ever been enchanted by a suspicious creature? AKA an emotionally unavailable rollercoaster of a gorgeously alluring & mysterious human. Since writing the song at age 21, singer-songwriter Lauren Tracy has come to some startling realization of the meaning behind her lyrics. "I was describing my obscure love interest at the time & only made sense of it years later" Lauren explains. Why do some people find themselves attracted to toxic relationships? They say your childhood experience of love influences your sense of love & attraction. Lauren hopes that people that relate to her lyrics can have the chance to introspect. 'Suspicious Creature' talks about something dark and yet playful & beautiful. "But what's so compelling of where suspicion lies, it crashed my expectations and you opened up my eyes". Darkness can lead to beauty through introspection & growth. And so this tale becomes an epic dialogue of her journey. 


Suspicious Creature is the second single from Moon Rise City. Following their debut single, Shadows of the Trees, which featured on an Official Spotify playlist - New Music Friday South Africa in January 2020. This will be followed by their third single "You Can Take My Money" before the full release of the EP in Summer 2020. The duo hopes to grow the band by Summer Next Year & tour Europe once the world has healed from its current pandemic. They are using this time to make music & hone their independent craft.

Behind the Scenes:

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